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Baroque Pearl Long Drop Earrings

Baroque Pearl Long Drop Earrings

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These earrings feature 100% pure S925 Silver and are available in two gorgeous color options: radiant white platinum and luxurious 18k gold. The Baroque pearls are of the highest quality, showcasing their unique, irregular shape and captivating luster.The elegant and sweet design of these earrings will add a touch of sophistication and finesse to any outfit. 

❀Ships in 5-7 business days after order.

Size & Material

Material:S925 Silver, Baroque pearls
Earrings Length: 48mm
Baroque pearls Size: 4-5mm

NOTE: Pearls are one of the organic gemstones (e.g., coral, amber) in nature, which is naturally produced and cannot be obtained by artificial intervention. No one pearl will be exactly the same and it can't be flawless. It’s unique. Zero tolerance for flaws and perfectionists carefully place the order.
Common defects: white spots, water lines, pits, bumps, etc. These are all characteristics of natural gemstones.

Jewelry Care

• Keep your jewelry in a dry place

• Avoid contact with water!
Remove your jewelry when bathing, showering or swimming

• Remove your jewelry before going to bed

• Avoid direct contact with perfume, hair spray or other chemicals

• Remove jewelry when participating in physical activities

• Clean jewelry only with soft cloth

• Mild oxidation of silver jewelry over time is an entirely natural phenomenon.  Oxidation is not considered a tarnish or flaw; use a jewelry polish cloth to clean the silver hardware as needed.

• Please store your jewelry in its protective pouch or jewelry box when not being worn to avoid tangling, scratching, and oxidation.

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