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Moonlight Mermaid’s Whispers

Moonlight Mermaid’s Whispers

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In the heart of our creation, the “Moonlight Mermaid’s Whispers” come alive:

Stainless Steel: A sturdy canvas, brushed by the sea’s salt-kissed winds, it cradles the moon’s reflection.

Silver Baroque Pearls: Each pearl, like a moonlit droplet, whispers secrets of the tides—of ancient voyages and hidden treasures.

Purple Baroque Pearls: These delicate gems evoke night hues—the mermaid’s tail dipped in night’s embrace.

Natural Amethyst Crystal: A mystical touch, capturing the essence of underwater caverns—their purple depths echoing forgotten songs.

Carved Mother-of-Pearl Shell: Etched with natural symbols, it cradles the ocean’s wisdom

 Lavender Teardrop Pearl: A tear shed by a mermaid longing for distant shores

Pink Baroque Pearls: the promise of a new day, painted in rosy hues.

Mother-of-Pearl Butterfly: Fluttering between realms
Together, they form a melody—the “Moonlight Mermaid’s Whispers”

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Size & Material

Material:Stainless Steel, Natural Baroque Pearls,Mother of Pearl ,Natural Amethyst Crystal,Colored Glass
Necklace Length: 40 cm with 5cm extension
Baroque Pearls Size: 8-9mm/5-5.5mm/5-6mm/7mm
Mother of Pearl Moon Size:10*12mm
Mother of Pearl Moon Shell:19mm*19mm

Material:S925 Silver, Stainless Steel,Natural Baroque Pearls,Mother of Pearl ,Natural Amethyst Crystal,Colored Glass
Earrings Length: 13 cm Adjustable
Baroque Pearls Size: 5-6mm
Mother of Pearl Moon Size:10*12mm
Mother of Pearl Moon Shell:19mm*19mm

Note: Each item is hand selected and handmade. Please note that each pearl used is natural and no pearl is exactly the same or flawless. It is one of a kind. There is zero tolerance for flaws, perfectionists should place orders with caution.
Common defects: white spots, water marks, pits, bumps, etc. These are characteristics of natural gemstones.

Jewelry Care

• Keep your jewelry in a dry place

• Avoid contact with water!
Remove your jewelry when bathing, showering or swimming

• Remove your jewelry before going to bed

• Avoid direct contact with perfume, hair spray or other chemicals

• Remove jewelry when participating in physical activities

• Clean jewelry only with soft cloth

• Mild oxidation of silver jewelry over time is an entirely natural phenomenon.  Oxidation is not considered a tarnish or flaw; use a jewelry polish cloth to clean the silver hardware as needed.

• Please store your jewelry in its protective pouch or jewelry box when not being worn to avoid tangling, scratching, and oxidation.

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